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17 Green Room Nominations for our 2022 Productions

Congratulations to all of the Green Room Awards Association nominees announced last night! We are incredibly proud to have received 17 nominations for 8 of our productions from last year across 4 separate judging panels.

The full list of Theatre Works nominees are below.

THE BEEP TEST (Musical Theatre)

- Best New Australian Music Theatre Writing - Conor Neylon & Jackson Peele

- Best Ensemble

- Best Direction - Jackson Peele

- Best Supporting Role - Josh Reckless

THE HUMAN VOICE (Independent Theatre)

- Best Performer - Jane Montgomery Griffiths

A HUNDRED WORDS FOR SNOW (Independent Theatre)

- Best Performer - Eddie Pattison

IPHIS (Opera)

- Best Production

- Best Musical Achievement - Patrick Burns (Conductor)

- Best Design - Brynna Lowen (Set & Design)

- Oustanding Performance in a Lead Role - Douglas Kelly

- Outstanding Performance in a Supporting Role - Breanna Stuart

- Outstanding Performance in a Supporting Role - Nicole Wallace

NO BALL GAMES ALLOWED (Independent Theatre)

- Best Lighting Design - Katie Sfetkidis

- Best Set & Costume Design - Bethany J Fellows

NOT TODAY (Cabaret)

- Best Writing - Ally Morgan

SENSER (Independent Theatre)

- Best Lighting Design - Aron Murray


- Best Set & Costume Design - Jens Altheimer


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