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At Theatre Works, we are guided by Arts Access Victoria and follow the Social Model of Disability. We recognise that people are disabled by the barriers created by society. A barrier might be physical, like a building only having stairs and no lift. Another barrier might be the way people communicate or behave. By using the word ‘disability’ to mean barriers and discrimination, we involve everyone in identifying and removing those barriers and in acting against discrimination.

The below Access Guides contain in-depth details about the venue and performance. The aim of these guides is to give as much information as possible regarding each event. Please note our Access Guides contain spoilers regarding show content.

Access Guides also have a large text option


Theatre Works

Theatre Works is wheelchair accessible for audience members and performers. We have step-free access except to the seating bank. Our seating bank has 16 stairs to the top of the rafters. The rail sometimes moves and can support weight but cannot support a person's total weight. The stairs range from 15.5 cm and 16 cm in height. There are cushions available to be taken to your seat - ask the Front of House staff.



We have two reserved accessible parking options out of our venue with a ramp to the door. See the photos below for details.


KEY: A pink circle marks Accessible Parking on the map. Yellow and Pink star marks audience entrance

Explosives Factory

Explosives Factory is not accessible for wheelchair users and does not have any designated accessible parking. Please note that we are in the process of organising accessible parking with the Port Phillip Council. Please see the picture below for the nearest accessible parking.


KEY: A pink circle marks Accessible Parking on the map. Yellow and Pink star marks audience entrance


Assistance dogs are welcome in all parts of our venues

Theatre Works welcomes calls through the National Relay Service If you are deaf, have a hearing impairment and/or have a speech impairment. Choose your access option (information here) and provide our phone number (95344879) when asked by the Relay Officer. For more information, visit the NRS website ( to choose your preferred access point or call the NRS Helpdesk on 1800 555 660.

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