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Support a new era of innovative + independent theatre making.

Theatre Works is a champion of the presentation and creation of innovative, ambitious and independent theatre and is central to Australia’s cultural life. It has been a key player in the theatre landscape for more than 40 years.


In 2024 we embark on the ambitious redevelopment of our home in St Kilda to update its facilities and make it accessible for all actors and audiences.


We hope you will join our campaign to refurbish our historic 1914 Parish Hall and build a new backstage area that guarantees our role as an ongoing beacon of artistic innovation, contemporary Australian theatrical practice and community engagement.


The redevelopment of Theatre Works is underwritten by a $1,100,000 grant from the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria and we seek additional support to make our facilities the best they can be. This project seeks not only to restore and enhance our building but also to reaffirm our commitment to fostering creative excellence and community inclusivity.

We invite you to join us in this pivotal venture, offering investment opportunities of any dollar amount. 

investment tiers


Even smaller amounts add up to big change when the whole community gets behind a cause. Donations over $2 are tax deductible.

$2,500 - Curtain Raiser Supporter

Benefits: Recognition on the Theatre Works website, early access to ticket sales for select events, and a subscription to the exclusive donors’ newsletter.

$5,000 - Spotlight Benefactor

Benefits: All the benefits of the Curtain Raiser Supporter, plus your name on a dedicated donor wall in the theatre, and invitations to special donor events.

$10,000 - Director’s Circle

Benefits: Includes all benefits of the Spotlight Benefactor, plus a private tour of the refurbished Theatre with a member of the creative team, and a signed poster from the opening season and an invitation to a VIP dinner with our Redevelopment Patron, Martin Foley and board & staff.


Benefits: Includes all Director’s Circle benefits, plus special acknowledgment in all programs and press materials for the opening season, and exclusive access to rehearsals for select productions.


Benefits: Builds upon the Patron of the Arts tier, offering the chance to sponsor a specific aspect of the refurbishment project (e.g., the garden, rehearsal space, etc.), along with a private performance for you and your guests.

$100,000 - Naming Rights Visionary

Benefits: The pinnacle of support, including all benefits of the Heritage Guardian, plus naming rights for the rehearsal space, and a bespoke cultural experience tailored to your interests, in addition to a lifetime VIP pass to all Theatre Works productions.

project & vision

Nestled in the heart of St Kilda, the historic 1914 Parish Hall has been the home and soul of Theatre Works since 1986. It has helped launch and promote the careers of actors, directors and theatre makers and ,presented countless productions that reflect, redefine, and re-imagine contemporary Australia.


Our redevelopment – overseen by Nelson Koo Architects and with former Creative Victoria Minister, Martin Foley as it’s patron - aims to address critical infrastructure needs while preserving the building’s historical character and unique location. It heralds a new and exciting era for Theatre Works , and is designed to combine beauty and function to eflect our history, legacy and future vision.


Our vision is to redefine Theatre Works role as a leading cultural hub that champions innovation, accessibility, and collaboration by enriching contemporary theatre practice, the St Kilda and Victorian community and Australia’s cultural life.




• Enhanced Facilities: Modern, accessible spaces for artists and audiences, fostering creative expression and cultural participation. This includes a new lighting grid, improved technical support and a new backstage building with much needed workshop and rehearsal space.


• Preservation of Heritage: A commitment to the restoration of the historic Parish Hall, that has been our home since 1986, ensuring its legacy endures for future generations.


• Community Engagement: A revitalized venue that serves as a focal point for community interaction, education, and enjoyment. Strengthened connections within the community through inclusive, meaningful and accessible cultural programming


• Economic Impact: The project will stimulate local economy through increased tourism, job creation, and cultural investment.

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