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Vanguard Donor Program

A massive thank you to all of our Vanguard donors and their invaluable support throughout 2022-2023. Members of the Vanguard Program are courageous, forward-thinking people with a passion for new work and creative risk-taking. This dynamic group underpins the activity of Theatre Works and are an intrinsic part of the Theatre Works community.

Through their contribution of $100 or more, Vanguard members provide the stability and sustainability we need to flourish. This cherished relationship allows Theatre Works to pursue uncompromised creative excellence and plan strategically for the future. Vanguard Members also enjoy a personal relationship with Theatre Works, with intimate access to our creative development through exclusive events and regular communication.

We invite you to join this community of influential and adventurous supporters.

28-9-2023 Morgan Roberts 95.jpg

Thank You to our current Vanguard Members:

AMBASSADOR | $5,000+
Abraham & Helen James Family Foundation
Jane Hansen - Hansen Little Foundation

Jane Badler-Hains & Stephen Hains

Simon Cowen

CITIZENS | $2,500+
Carrillo Gantner AC
Liz & Chris Schell
Michael Nossal & Jo Porter


Angie Scanlon & Peter Scanlon AO
Ann Ryan & John Bennetts
Helen Gannon & Michael Gannon

Jane Nelson & Roger Nelson
Jo Horgan & Peter Wetenhall

John Betts & Robert Buckingham
Naomi Milgrom AC

Susan Renouf
*Supporting the 2023 Associate Artists Program


Dianne Toulson
Fiona Sweet & Paul Newcombe
Loraine Little
Rosemary Walls
*Supporting the 2022-23 She Writes Collective Program

CHAMPION | $1,000+

Adam Krongold
Ann Byrne
Dianne Toulson

Fiona Sweet

James McKenzie

Julie & Michael Landvogt

Linda Herd

MacKenzie Gobbo Foundation
Geoffrey Conaghan & Mathew Erbs

Michael Kingston

Rosemary Walls

Roger Hatten

Rosemary Forbes & Ian Hocking

Sally Browne Fund
Timothy Wildash

ADVOCATE | $500+

Alison Richards

Catherine Collins

Fiona Mahony

Guy Mendelson

James McCaughey

Julia Butler
Loraine Little

Richard Watts
Rick Eckersley

Robert Buckingham

Sharon Hill
Sharon Lacy
Vic Zbar


Dr Anne Marshall, Anthony Kitchener, Alicia Darvall, Alison Bicknell, Anthony Hill, Ariette Taylor, Bill Abbott, Bradley Storey, Brett Noack, Bryan Hunt, Caroline & Laura Bowditch, Catherine Collins, Christine Wareham, Christopher Chaundy, David Brand, David Hanna, David Murray-Smith, David Nelson, Debbie Cuthbertson, Denise Neri, Di Cousens, Dirk Legenhausen, Ed Glenn, Elaine Chia, Elizabeth Luscombe, Felicia Thau, Finn Jennings, Fiona Scanlan, Greg Day, Hugo Davidson, Jane Bolding, Jason Craig, Jason Kimberley, Jo Whatley, Jodi Dowler, John Betts, John Corkish, Joseph Sherman, Katie Daly, Katrina Raymond, Kristine Whorlow AM, Lab Kelpie, Lauren Bennett, Lizette Twisleton, Lorraine Conway, M McDonald, Margaret Pagone, Anderson, Mary Christian, Melissa McShane, Michael Golding, Michelle Buxton, Natalie Leckie, Nicole Beyer, Nicholas Opolski, Peta Hanrahan, Peter Mitgen, Philip Hayden, Rebecca MacFarling, Robert Kimber, Roslyn Varley, Ruphil De Kock, Scott Melzke, Stephen Luby, Susan Weis, TraceyLee Wood, Trish Wheelahan, Vanessa O’Neill, Victoria Hobday and Wendy Lasica.

TheatreWorks Abundance 2019 Andrew Bott Photography-155.jpg

Photo: The Bacchae (2015) by Pia Johnson

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