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A new way to support independent ARTISTS from just $10 per month

Why become a Transformer?

As a Theatre Works Transformer, you will be directly supporting the development and creation of new Australian work by the artists of tomorrow. 

Explosives Factory is Theatre Works’ new satellite venue where ideas undergo a process of transformation to become the next genre-bending, ambitious new work. It is no secret that venues suitable for creative developments are hard to come by in Melbourne, yet alone hire at affordable rates. For this very reason, Theatre Works is offering indie artists subsidised studio space at Explosives Factory to spend time doing what they do best – dream, experiment and create theatre without the financial burden of venue costs.

You can join us in making this a reality for hundreds of Victorian artists by helping subsidise rehearsal space at Explosives Factory with a monthly donation from just $10 (completely tax deductible).

As a Theatre Works Transformer you will become a vital member of a community of supporters. Your name will be proudly acknowledged as a Theatre Works Transformer and you will receive exclusive access to backstage invitations facilitated at Explosives Factory, including:

  • Development workshop showings

  • Play readings

  • Artists Q&As

Signing up takes 2 minutes by completing the form below in 4 simple steps.


Nancy Black 
Judy Avisar
Kaylene O'Neill
Di Toulson
Richard Watts
Jason Craig
Roslyn Varley
Gavin Roach
Amanda Welsh
Riwai Wilson
Iffy Middleton
Tanya Gerstle
Timothy Wildash
Robert Buckingham
Paris Williment

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