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Writer Spotlight | Miranda Middleton

Get the scoop on the 2022 She Writes Collective in our new fortnightly segment. This week we chat to Writer in Residence, Miranda Middleton, who is also directing SENSER by Brittanie Shipway this September at Theatre Works.

Q: What is the working title of the project you are working on as part of TW's She Writes Collective?

A: Pithos

Q: In one sentence, can you tell us what your project is about?

A: Pandora is gifted a jar full of evils, on her wedding day, and told not to open it…but what’s Hope doing inside it?

Q: Favourite book or play of all time?

A: Favourite play: ‘Every Brilliant Thing’

Q: What are you currently listening to?

A: Depends on the time of day. Often a musical soundtrack to pump me up in the morning (‘Come From Away’ and ‘Waitress’ are repeat offenders), and something neoclassical to help me switch off when I’m cooking dinner (can recommend Nils Frahm’s new EP ‘Wintermusik’).

Q: Favourite writing spot?

A: I love writing on public transport. Buses, trams, trains, aeroplanes - there’s something about the motion (and the lack of wifi!) that helps me travel to an imaginary time and place inside my mind. Find out more about the 2022 She Writes Collective.


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