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In Conversation with Teresa Izzard - FRINGE HUB 2022

Director Teresa Izzard joined us this week to talk about 'This Is Where We Live' and its Melbourne premiere at Theatre Works this October as part of Melbourne Fringe Festival.

As a company we wanted to produce This Is Where We Live because we saw both relevance and a terrific challenge. It won the Griffin Award and it presents two actors (and a director) with a text full of onomatopoeia and a dark, broken world inspired by the Orpheus and Eurydice myth to decode. We were also looking for something to tour and it seemed to fit the bill.

We’re super excited to finally get to present it at Theatre Works for Melbourne! We have had to postpone the season twice and can’t wait to head on over and share it with you. We’re having great fun reworking it for the Theatre Works stage as we did a version for Perth’s Fringe World earlier this year in a smaller space. It’s great exploring how movement and use of space can tell a story – come and see how we tackle portraying all the characters and events!

We have also discovered that the work is a lot funnier than we originally thought so are leaning more into the comic elements this time around. Come and see it to share it with your inner teenager, or bring a teenager you know! We’ve had loads of great feedback about how it speaks strongly to that time and often tangled experience. We performed it for a group of Yr 11 and 12s recently and my favourite take away was – ‘watching this play made me feel less alone’. So, join us, and discover the story of ‘bombshell’ Chloe and ‘odd ball’ Chris.


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