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In Conversation with Caroline Lee

"Why are so many of us so lonely? How can we connect more deeply with others?" Renowned actor Caroline Lee reflects on her latest one person play, JUNE by Patrick McCarthy, premiering at Theatre Works 26 July. A gentle and challenging play about moving through the world and fInding a voice that fIts who you have become.

Q: How would you describe JUNE by Patrick McCarthy in a nutshell?

A: June is a meditation on what it is for a woman to speak, to not speak, and to be listened to.

Q: What drew you to this project?

A: The language of this play is beautiful, the ideas are complex and interesting, the character and her situation intrigued me, and the creative team are wonderful.

Q: What has been a rehearsal highlight so far?

A: Making the creatives laugh, and the moment that Patrick McCarthy said that we had a show on our hands.

Q: As an actor, where do you look for inspiration?

A: In the work: In the meetings of the text and the body and the mind. Making space for the text to work upon the body and for the body to work upon the text. Allowing the mind to work around and through this process. Around the work: Art, nature and literature are my main sources of inspiration. Other theatre, art, music, books, poems, the sea, the sky, and hiking and camping in the bush. Q: What conversations do you hope JUNE would spark amongst audiences?

A: Why is listening so hard? What is it to really listen to another person? What is it to speak? What is it to speak and be heard? Why are so many of us so lonely? How can we connect more deeply with others? What role does theatre itself, particularly theatre in small, intimate venues, play in providing opportunities for speaking, for listening, for connection between people. JUNE by Patrick McCarthy 26 July - 5 August | Theatre Works BOOK TICKETS


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