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In conversation with Briony Dunn

Director, Briony Dunn and Iron Lung Theatre are currently in their fInal week of rehearsals for When the Rain Stops Falling by Andrew Bovell. Briony reFlects on this much loved Australian classic and those she thinks would most enjoy it; "Anyone who has ever loved, made mistakes, wanted more, and experienced loss."

What attracted you to this Australian classic?

It’s complex structure and patterning, it’s exploration of the human condition and the underlying rhythms required to stage them, the quality and beauty of the writing, and the magical playing of time and place.

Can you tell us a bit about some of the key themes explored in this play?

The play is thematically structured around the past mistakes and future hopes of two families across an 80 year timespan, and the love, loss, strength, fragility and yearning encompassed across those years. From underneath and out of this journey of ancestors rises an allegory for our planet - where the weather responds to or aligns with the tumultuousness of our lives.

What can you tell us about the incredible cast you have assembled?

Our cast are amazing. Full stop. Ok I’ll say more.

It takes a deep understanding of the nuance of rhythm to act in this play. Although the years of postponements and cancellations have been challenging for the team, I’m witnessing such extraordinary depths of acting - I just can’t wait for audiences to see what I have had the privilege of seeing in the room.

What has been the highlight of the rehearsal process so far?

Reconnecting with our prop fish, Samantha. She spent Covid stored in a brick garage and we missed her.

Who would you recommend When the Rain Stops Falling to?

Anyone who has ever loved, made mistakes, wanted more, and experienced loss. And for those who love both humanity and our planet. It’s a complicated relationship.

When the Rain Stops Falling

By Andrew Bovell

2-18 March | Theatre Works


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