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$30K in 30 Days - Help Theatre Works help Indie Artists

Join us now in raising $30k in 30 Days to support future generations of independent theatre makers and creative risk takers. Your donation will gift Theatre Works the freedom to continue discovering, fostering and celebrating uncompromising new talent and providing an opportunity to independent artists to debut their work.

DONATE NOW Many professional theatre directors, actors, designers, producers and crew working today were given their first indie break at Theatre Works.

Your donation today will provide vital support to each and every indie artist and company who presents their show with us over the next 12 months.

At Theatre Works, we co-produce with artists to help them realise their full creative potential by:

- waiving upfront venue costs (making us one of

Melbourne's most accessible venues) - sharing the financial risk (we split box-office takings) - supplementing marketing and publicity campaigns - providing producing support and dramaturgical mentorship

Only 15% of Theatre Works’ income is from government (state and local) and the rest comes from ticket sales, our café and donations. Your generous support will help us invest and empower indie artists for generations to come.

Whether it's $3, $30, $300 or $3000, any amount that gets us closer to our $30k target will make a huge difference. (Remember, all donations over $2 are tax deductible).

We understand that not everyone is able to give. Another way you can help is by sharing this page with your networks via email and social channels. Every little bit helps.


Thank you for supporting Melbourne's home of independent theatre.

The Theatre Works Team



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