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Theatre Works and Night Garden Theatre PRESENT


by Night Garden Theatre

2 - 5 February 2022

W O E hits the back of the throat like a shot of pure absinthe. Wound tighter than a spring, this work mashes classic gothic horror with the fast and dirty world of cyberpunk and modern dystopia, if Guillermo Del Toro directed GHOST IN THE SHELL.

A young queer woman struggling under the weight of modern patriarchy and capitalism is suddenly gasping for air in the whirlpool of Ophelia’s final moments, ripped from her own psyche to bear witness to Ophelia’s steady march to the willow tree. Writhing between worlds and drowning in the confluence of their descents into madness, the two women discover that despite the centuries that cleave them apart, neither can breathe for the shame that chokes their lungs, poured down their throats by a society that would rather see them dead. They must face down the demons they’ve been running from all their lives before they plunge over the edge into oblivion.

W O E is about shame. It’s about how folk who do not conform to the patriarchy’s demands carry voices of shame within us which we were never born with. But above all, W O E is about facing shame and surviving it. It’s about facing down our inner demons and learning to thrive, to shout from the rooftops in a world that would rather we shrivel away.


Explosives Factory




18+ mentions of mental health issues, queerphobia, misogyny, eating disorders, suicide and suicidality, self harm, self destructive behaviours and cycles of abuse.

Quick lighting state changes, loud music/uneasy and unsettling sounds, coarse language, may contain partial nudity.


Wednesday 2 February, 7:30PM
Thursday 3 February, 7:30PM
Friday 4 February, 7:30PM
Saturday 5 February, 7:30PM

Written, directed and performed by


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