Theatre Works Presents

The Dream Room

By Rachel Naparstek

19 - 20 October

Rachel’s The Dream Room is a semi-autobiographical musical featuring original music and lyrics. Inspired by the isolation that Rach felt during the extended covid lockdowns, Rachel wrote this musical to explain how she felt to the outside world when her daily joys were extinguished. Rachel dreams and interacts with multiple characters including The Queen, Patrick Swayze and Freddie Mercury. Each character inspires her to fight back against the dreaded Coronavirus (a villain who torments her within her room). The Dream Room features epic dream sequences (including an escape to Hollywood) and ultimately encourages us to follow our dreams.


Theatre Works


45 Minutes


Relaxed Performances + Sensory Friendly


Wednesday 19th October - 6pm
Thursday 20th October - 6pm

Written and Directed
Rachel Naparstek

Rachel: Rachel Naparstek (she/her)
Mentored and Performed by:
Mary the Fairy: Alice Albon (she/her)
The Queen: Issi Hart (they/them)

Jessica Glaser
Directing Consultant
Alanah Guiry
Photography by