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Theatre Works Presents

On The Rise

By Oscar Jenkin & Julian Smith-Gard

10 - 14 October

After years away from her hometown of Kotheric, Frieda returns to a city she no longer recognises. Under the tyranny of king Deakin the city has deteriorated into anarchy and it seems that things are only getting worse. She soon finds herself in the midst of an uprising, wedged between its hopeful leaders; her sister Arienne, who wishes to violently overthrow the monarchy, and the former king Aaron, who seeks to peacefully retake the throne from his younger brother. Seeing the best in both, she fosters a shaky alliance between the two, but their unresolved differences threaten to plunge the city into deeper chaos.


Theatre Works


60 Minutes


Content and trigger warnings include, weapons, death and mild sexual language


Monday 10th October - 6:00pm
Monday 10th October - 9.00pm
Tuesday 11th October - 9.00pm
Wednesday 12th October - 9.00pm
Thursday 13th October - 9pm
Friday 14th October - 9pm

Written by
Oscar Jenkin & Julian Smith-Gard
Directed by
Maddi Sullivan


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