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Theatre Works Presents

My Mum Died & I Wanna Sing About It

By Jack Francis West

15 October

MY MUM DIED & I WANNA SING ABOUT IT is a silly, charming and self-indulgent shit-show that was cheaper to write than going to therapy. Combining comedy, tragedy, theatre, cabaret and general stream of consciousness, it is an autobiographical exploration of the realisations and experiences surrounding death, the relationship between parent and child, and the nuance of grief.

Featuring music from your favourite musical theatre and artists, this show is somewhere between cabaret, stand-up comedy, and a TED Talk, all about being gay, being stupid, and—most importantly—being dead. Because we don’t talk about it enough.


Theatre Works


60 Minutes


16+ Please be aware that this show contains references to cancer, death, illness, sexual references, coarse language, eating disorders, body dysmorphia, emotional abuse, sexual assault, suicide, depression and substance abuse.


Saturday 15th October - 7pm

Written, Performed and Co-Directed by
Jack Francis West
Directed and Produced by
Lincoln Gidney


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