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Theatre Works and FLICKFLICKCITY Present

A Play About Ivy, That is Really About June

By Olive Weeks

5 - 8 October

Meet Ivy, a delightfully messy, heartsore, impulsive 20 year old who is now living alone. Ivy’s trying really hard to find solace, comfort and joy in the new space. Well, JOY is probably pushing it. Maybe contentment instead? Pleasure? Yes, pleasure. Let’s just focus on getting enough sleep for now. And slowing down. And healing.

Meet June, a heart with so much love to give and a deep seeded enigmatic darkness those around latch onto. It is the first time June is coming over to the new place after leaving Ivy in their home of two years.

Olive Weeks debuts in this ode to the complexity of all-consuming friendship. In a new apartment devoid of June, Ivy faces being alone for the first time in her life. Join Ivy as she reconciles with her own company, heartbreak, and solitude. Get lost in this dynamic play dancing with memory, humour and poetry. Experience this brazenly heartfelt and delicately intimate World Premiere at Melbourne Fringe.


Theatre Works


60 Minutes


Alcohol Use, Misogyny, Sexual References, Mental Health


Wednesday 5 October - 9.00 pm
Thursday 6 October - 9.00 pm
Friday 7 October - 9.00 pm
Saturday 8 October - 4.00 pm
Saturday 8 October - 9.00 pm

Produced by
Written and Directed by
Olive Weeks

"Olive Weeks is a future star”
- Herald Sun


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