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Writer Spotlight | Myfanwy Hocking

What is the working title of the project you are working on as part of TW's She Writes Collective?

Antigone Revise

In one sentence, can you tell us what your project is about?

Essentially, I’m trying to explore what would drive a person to the extremities Antigone goes to in a modern age without religion. I’m trying to make it wildly postdramatic and feminist, so we’ll see how that goes.

Favourite book or play of all time?

Not specifically a text, but the best play I’ve personally attended was ‘Trustees’ at the Malthouse, in collaboration with Belarus Free Theatre. To me, it was the exact kind of work I’m interested in: highly physical, political, and devised by the performers rather than dictated by one writer.

What are you currently listening to?

Huge amount of Arlo Parks, Foals, Tom Misch and Nils Frahm. They all tickle different sections of my brain in the best ways possible.

Favourite writing spot?

The pink IKEA armchair in my bedroom. I open the window and look out over all of the trees and get to hang out close to Currawongs. It also allows me to be covered in a blanket and in a bizarre position, all necessary facets of my writing practice.

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