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In Conversation with Sarah Wynen | FRINGE HUB 2022

Get to know our Fringe Festival program and the amazing artists behind each show in our Backstage Blog! This week, we're talking to writer/director Sarah Wynen about their upcoming musical, You're a Catch! Why Are You Single?

Q: How did you come up with this play?

A: You’re a Catch! Why are you Single? is a musical that was inspired by my many dating experiences both in Australia and during my time abroad in the UK. I would go through phases where I would challenge myself to go on a date every single day! I became a little bit addicted to it. People are so interesting. Whether it was a coffee, a meal or something more, I was fascinated by the quirks, stories and experiences I learned and gained from strangers. I was also inspired by the different types of relationships and experiences I witnessed amongst my friends and family, and the societal pressures put on people to couple up!

Q: What are you most excited about?

A: I am so excited for this show because we have a wonderful cast of 7 performers who take the music and dances to the next level! Working with a big cast is so much fun and requires lots of team work – it is very satisfying and rewarding in the end when you have created something together. As a composer it is very fulfilling to hear my melodies and harmonies being sung by such talented performers.

Q: Why people should come and see You're a Catch?

A: People should come and see this show because it is the antithesis to all the love stories out there in the world. This show stands up for those who are single or alone, either involuntarily or by choice. Not only that, it’s really funny! There are unexpected twists and turns, gags aplenty and it will keep you entertained the whole way through.

Q: What's an interesting element of your show?

A: This show is a song cycle which means it doesn’t rely on plot. Instead it is a series of interwoven stories that showcase the highs and lows of being alone.


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