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In Conversation with Olive Weeks | FRINGE HUB 2022

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

We chat with writer Olive Weeks about 'A Play About Ivy, That is Really about June' premiering at Theatre Works as part of Melbourne Fringe Festival.

Q: How did you come up with this play?

A: The play was born during a period of time when I felt completely awestruck by my bursting love, connection and gratitude for those around me. A sense of awestruck that tinkered on frenzied addiction, obsession, and all-consuming fixation. There was inherent theatricality rooted in this feeling that needed to be explored. Augmented by the summer sun and warmth, by the indulgent drinking and living; I was being entirely consumed by platonic and romantic love and everything in between. This space, between platonic and romantic, captivated me.

This play is a homage to every friend, lover, companion, who has held my entire heart, focus and motivation, even just for a moment. A homage to the pure elation that being in that space of unbreakable, intertwined connection with someone feels like. And how we heal and deal with ourselves, our thoughts and our heartbreak when seasons change, and solitude comes back knocking on our door unwelcomed.

The framework of the play; about two female friends who used to live together, felt like a wonderful foundation to explore this space in the context of a complex, effervescent and all-consuming friendship through a female, queer lens.

Q: What are you most excited about?

A: I am ecstatic about seeing the show come together with all the design elements. In disbelief at how truly brilliant each and every member of our team is. It is going to look, sound and feel incredible when the work of our designers meets the performance of our cast crafted by our team work on the rehearsal floor. AH! I am so excited!!!! You should be, too!! Just saying!

Q: Why people should come and see A Play About Ivy?

A: There is a lot of joy, heart, and relatability to be found in this play as an audience member. You are very much a companion to Ivy as she reconciles with what happened between her and June. What does this mean? Well, my friend, (we can be friends right?), you get to be on the receiving end of some truly ridiculous thoughts, heartfelt honesty, and maybe a few twisted, exaggerated, and embellished anecdotes too… What I love about Ivy and June is that I think people can find themselves in both of them, for different reasons. Or maybe not, and that’s okay. You should still come see it to experience a dynamic new work with a brilliant cast, incredibly beautiful and characterful set and original composition, did I mention, ORIGINAL composition? Like with original lyrics and tunes that will make you bop in your seat?! Come along, Ivy has some shit to tell you. Good, juicy, heartbreaking, entertaining shit, to tell you, just you, because you’re special. Has anyone ever told you that you are special? Come along, don’t miss it.


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