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Companies In Residence


In 2019, Theatre Works put out a nation-wide open call for Independent Theatre Companies and Artist Collectives to develop their work with the possibility of realising a world premiere season on the Theatre Works stage in the future.

The three companies selected to join Theatre Works in 2020-21 as resident artists are supported throughout their development/creative process through the following:

  • Access to hot desk at Theatre Works – meeting space including wifi, photocopying, printing and other amenities

  • Programmed play readings / showings – public or by invitation

  • Development/Rehearsal time in the theatre (pending availability)

  • One full week of Theatre access

  • Technical support

  • Support to develop a company/collective marketing/profile plan for the future

  • A four-hour strategic planning session with an experienced facilitator to plan for the future

2020-21 Companies
Iron Lung Theatre.jpeg

Iron Lung Theatre

Iron Lung is a Melbourne-based independent theatre company directed by Esther van Doornum and Briony Dunn. The company produces classic and contemporary Australian, American and European text based work and create theatre of imaginative daring and emotional depth.

Currently working on:


Script Development and Reading

Iron Lung will be developing August Strindberg’s The Stronger. The original translation and adaptation by WAAPA and Calle Flygare (Sweden) graduate, Julia Landberg, will be a world premiere on the Theatre Works stage! Written in 1889, The Stranger is a fascinating study of the shifting power between two women and a potential affair one had with the other’s husband.

In the few years since #metoo, a 132-year-old play becomes a lens to investigate female relationships and what happens when women keep each other down in an attempt to stay up top. As part of Iron Lung's residence at Theatre Works, their process will include script development, creative development, technical development and a public showing.

Deafferent Theatre_edited.jpg

Deafferent Theatre

Deafferent Theatre is made up of Jess and Ilana, two theatre-lovers who wanted to make/share theatre. Surrounding the company is an amazing community of Deaf and non-Deaf performers, creatives, Auslan users, and advocates who come together for art’s sake.

Currently working on:


Deafferent Theatre is one of Theatre Works’ inaugural Companies in Residence. Support includes programmed play readings, rehearsal space, extended access to the theatre, company profile development and a strategic planning session lead by a professional facilitator.

Stage Mom.jpeg

Stage Mom

Run by Hannah Fallowfield and Alberto Di Troia, Stage Mom is a Melbourne-based independent theatre collective. They return to Theatre Works after their premiere season of Truly Madly Britney during Midsumma Festival 2019, and following their award-winning Melbourne Fringe Season of I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Cooking For. In 2021, Stage Mom presented the world premiere of I Love You Bitch at Theatre Works as part of Midsumma Festival. 

Currently working on:

Big Things

Script Development and Reading

Big Things is a new immersive horror/comedy inspired by the true story of the ‘missing’ Tromp family. Exploring the anxiety of Australian identity, Stage Mom take you on a road trip through mass hysteria, The Big Pineapple, conspiracy theories, and giant prehistoric Australian lizards.

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