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25 – 30 September 2018

Not every hero gets a song or the cheers of the crowd - or even acknowledgement.

In Zordana’s land, a hero fights bravely in the open field, destroying monsters and dark magic. In Amy’s world, her hero is the sister who takes care of her. For Maddie, her hero is her brother, who may tease her mercilessly but loves her dearly. As tragedy threatens to consume their separate worlds, only in coming together can they battle back the dark.

An exploration into the minds of five very different young people, WARRIORS asks the question, ‘what are you willing to sacrifice for the sake of another?’

WARRIORS is an exciting production performed by young actors for all audience types; a trip into the scariest depths of imagination and reality, where life is a rare gift, and death an all too real possibility.

60 minutes no interval

Strobe Lighting | Mild Coarse Language | Adult Themes (Staged Violence)

Theatre Works & Dramatic Pause present


A Theatre Works Fringe Event

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