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15 – 18 July 2009

When trying to get back up is the fastest way down.

Rachael Green lives her life like there’s never going be another day beyond the one she’s already living…

And sometimes she wishes there wasn’t. She’s indulgent, she’s tenacious and she loves to be loved. But as life’s brutal reality makes its way to her surface Rachael finds it harder and harder to deal with her addiction, her sexuality and the people who influence both of these things.

So, will she continue to deny herself of true happiness and let her own darkness consume her, or will she finally battle her demons and learn that it’s okay to love, and be loved.

SUNSET RISING is a story about love in all its different forms and how that love can bring out the best and worst in all those who believe in it.

Full $35
Concession $30

Written and Created by
Directed by

Theatre Works & BarnDaw Productions present

Sunset Rising

By Brihony Dawson

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