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8 - 9 September 2012

SPRING BRINGS... all kinds of true stories out from the corners. Funny stories, odd stories, incredible stories – stories of discovery, pain, wonder, and mischief. Fresh stories that have sprouted up this spring - perhaps with a few roots in the debris of winter just gone or the years just passed.

Melbourne Playback Theatre Company is an ensemble of actors and musicians who specialise in creating theatre on the spot, from experiences and observations shared by audience members.

Each performance is underscored by two musicians improvising live in the performance space.

Melbourne Playback has a reputation for creating intelligent physical theatre that is highly skilful yet playful.

“...seethes with breath-catching moments of insight, and an unscripted emotional intelligence... you couldn’t ask for a clearer affirmation of what acting can do on the spot, undirected.”

Full $25
Concession $15

Theatre Works & Melbourne Playback Theatre Company present

Spring Brings...

By Melbourne Playback Theatre Company

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