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18 – 23 September 2018

“Look at all those couples. Which one will leave. Which one will run. Which one is cheating on the other. Which one will die first. Him. Him. Her. Him.”

Two lives with only one ending, James Fritz’s masterful play for one actor picks up ten years after the tv show ends, summoning then swiftly exploding nostalgia to confront the aching question – what happens after the end, after you find “the one”? ROSS & RACHEL lures us in with friendly familiarity only to rip the gloss off the pop-culture-placebo and expose the uncomfortably uneven edges that hold our sometimes boring, sometimes surprising, tragic, funny lives together. Lives we are still tempted to compare to the one with the happy ending.

Following a hit debut season at Edinburgh Fringe, ROSS & RACHEL finally premieres in Australia. Performed by Jessica Stanley (Ménage, MFF16) and directed by Faran Martin, this candid exposé of marriage, doubt, connection and the inconceivable takes us on an unguided tour of life after the credits roll on our twenties.

*No knowledge of the TV series Friends is required to enjoy this show. For those devotees, this is the one that you didn’t see coming…

"Playful, post-modern and devastatingly serious all at once"

“Exquisitely written”

“An astute critique of the way romantic narratives absorb two people into a single identity”

“A fiercely sharp yet tender anatomy of the lie of love.”

60 minutes no interval

Moderate Coarse Language | Adult Themes (self harm or suicide)

Theatre Works & Spinning Plates present

Ross & Rachel

By James Fritz

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