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4 - 7 February 2015

PONY is a dance work that explores the challenges in constructing a male sexual identity when growing up in Australia. Witness Robinson’s transformation from wide-eyed Pony to grownup Stallion in this uncompromising and honest new dance work. Vulnerable, explosive and individualistic, Robinson tests and manipulates his body to interrogate the narratives of malesexual experience.

Inspired by Alan Downs book ‘The Velvet Rage’, Pony considers Downs’ analysis of gay promiscuity in reflection upon the performers’ own life experiences. PONY investigates an arena of gay male sexuality: the desire to find love within a social context that, in many ways, just wants to fuck.

25 minutes no interval

Written and Created by
Stage Manager

Theatre Works & Horny Pony Productions present


By Jay Robinson

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