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25 – 27 September 2018

“Educate and bring up boys to be men of respect, men that protect and look after not only their families but others. Men that don’t tolerate acts of violence against women and the vulnerable in our communities. Men that will never consider or accept acts of extreme cowardice like this as acceptable.”

How much damage does one punch really do? ONE PUNCH WONDER pulls up the page and puts the culture of toxic masculinity under a microscope, looking into the coward’s punch from all angles. it asks us: How are we raising our boys?

To the surprise of many audience members, ONE PUNCH WONDER is a “Dare I say… entertaining” show. Incredibly physical, this piece of theatre goes beyond the traditional forms of verbatim, moving from gentle, vulnerable, intimate moments to moments of high intensity, adrenaline filled acrobatics. The show is at once, athletic and authentic.

"The actors clearly having pushed themselves to their limits as they left the stage drenched in sweat and with the audience unable to move from their seats, (and a few men and women struggling with tears) captivated by the experience they had been witness to. Redefining what it means to be a Man."

"I am enormously impressed with the commitment of these performers to their craft. Nicholas Allen, Adam Droppert, Andrew Dunstan and Christian Tomaszewski are dedicated, skillful artists. I can see a future for this kind of storytelling in an educational setting; a touring show to high schools in WA and other states."

"All four actors, bring impressive physicality and precise choreography to their roles. The actors are so clearly the right people to tell this story, as this is a play performed by men, about men."

60 minutes no interval

Moderate Coarse Language | Adult Themes | Violence | Self Harm or Suicide | Sexual Assault or Abuse | Staged Violence | Drug Use

Theatre Works & The Actors' Hub present

One Punch Wonder

By Amanda Crewes

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