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28 - 29 March 2014

The year is 2014 and MISS K is struggling to keep up.

She’s trying desperately to be a modern girl in a cyber world but… it’s just so complex.

She wants fame but can’t dance, build or cook and Big Brother’s well…
She’s tried texting at red lights but only seems to get greens.
Sometimes her laptop runs out of batteries but the charger’s so far away.
She just cooked, but with no picture, did it really occur?
And what happens when she finds she’s got nothing to tweet? Should she grab the footage of that dancing kitten that she found on YouTube, shared on Instagram, linked to Pinterest, her blog and LinkedIn accounts and then posted on her Facebook wall?
Is that entertainment?

So old skool she still spells it with a ch, has she succeeded in navigating the spam of modern existence, or is she really just

Full $20
Concession & Groups 8+ $16

100 minutes plus interval

Written and Performed by
Directed and Dramaturged by

Theatre Works & Mayhem Productions present

Miss K

By Klara McMurray

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