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11 – 16 September 2018

To stand on a rope you don’t balance yourself over it – you pull the rope underneath you. You don’t find your balance, you fight for it, continuously. KILTER is circus on the knife-edge of equilibrium featuring never before seen apparatus, award-winning acrobatics and live music performed by Melbourne’s violinist beatsmith, ORCHA.

Celebrating the fragility of putting one foot in front of the other, Kilter is a brave new work at the cutting edge of contemporary circus. Somewhere adrift between worlds of neoclassical composition and downbeat electronica, ORCHA has created a universe of unique sounds made entirely by the violin, nestled together with his luminescent vocal style, rich beats and a moody ambience.

"An intricate and mesmerising piece of art."

"Exceptional humans pushing the limits of their art."

45 minutes no interval

Music by

Theatre Works & One Fell Swoop present


A Theatre Works Fringe Event

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