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31 March – 11 April 2020

Rob Lo Bosco Productions brings to the stage it’s 5th play DRESS TO HIDE the story of a straight Aussie bloke. A story based on a real man. A true and funny story. Rob Lo Bosco has put pen to paper again to deliver a funny and fast paced comedy play. This is his first comedy play to be written and performed. Enough about him – let’s learn a little more about the play!

Straight Aussie bloke, Trav, lives a simple life. He gets up every morning to a loving wife and his two boys and heads to chef at his local pub. His complicated family life lacks fun and adventure, with too many lows and not enough highs. Something is missing in his mundane existence. Home life is missing an element of fun and adventure. He needs a bit of excitement in this dreary life of his. He finds a way to bring back his smile-hiding in a dress-till he gets found out.

A Dress??? But he is straight. So?

Trav finds a way to bring back to life his sense of fun which in turn makes him a happy dad – and damn good in bed. But in turn finds himself in a real dilemma. How does he get out of this one?

A fun… oh and funny, story about Trav, his wife, the shrink, the kids, the pub, the mate and the crazy and sexy duo – Anastasia and Anablast! A wild bunch of characters for one short comedy festival play. How do they all come together? Come see for yourself in RL PRODUCTIONS debut, comedy festival play. You are in for a big surprise!

Full $25
Concession, Preview & Groups 5+ $17

60 minutes no interval

Sexual References | Coarse Language

Written and Created by

Theatre Works & RL Productions present

Dress to Hide: The Story of a Straight Aussie Bloke

By Rob Lo Bosco

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