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4 March 2016

It’s March, 1972. The curtain has just closed on opening night of a brand new musical theatre experience. Backstage, the cast and crew area buzz with adrenalin, hope, congratulations and recriminations. Do they have a smash on their hands? Were the months of hard work and late-night dance rehearsals worth it?

Most importantly, who is secretly sleeping with the lead choreographer?

Live art production house The Boon Companions invite you to dig out your best Fosse-inspired
outfit and throw yourself into the joy and madness of their Cast Party. There'll be drinking, dancing, and the occasional explosive starlet meltdown.

From the team who brought you immersive theatre parties The Wedding Reception and Le Petit Salon comes a new experiential celebration of optimism and joy. Dress the part, inhabit your character, and keep your eyes and ears open at all times. You never know who or what you mind find...

"Melbourne audiences have become enraptured by The Boon Companion’s events."

"Going to a Boon Companions theatre where-you-can-dance event is like being a member of a secret club."

240 minutes no interval

Adult Concepts | Coarse Language | Loud Music

Written and Created by

Theatre Works & The Boon Companions present

Dance Magic Dance: Cast Party

By Mary Thompson

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