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5 – 11 October 2017

Blow out the candles on your expectations. This is your life – seen through the prism of your most memorable birthdays. But just whose birthday is it?

A companion work to renowned live art piece FUNERAL (2016 Melbourne Festival), ALL OF MY FRIENDS WERE THERE invites participating audience members to share their favourite birthday memories via questionnaire and bear witness to a tailored theatrical performance. Each evening showcases an entirely new narrative, an entirely unique human story, and celebrates the random beauty and tragedy of life. Happy Birthday To Us.

Known for pushing the boundaries of the live art experience, The Guerrilla Museum experiments with trust, surprise, and patience – and reward audiences who come along for the ride.

There will be cake.

“The entire design of ALL OF MY FRIENDS WERE THERE is exceptional and what the team at The Guerrilla Museum have been able to set up inside Theatre Works is highly impressive and transforms the venue into a labyrinth of surprise and fun.”

“Presented by The Guerrilla Museum, it sets a new tone for the possibilities of immersive theatre in
Melbourne and allows audiences a totally new perspective on performance art.”

“The importance of ALL OF MY FRIENDS WERE THERE lies in the reminder that art can be joyful and fun, that it can be about discovery and having new experiences. The atmosphere of ALL OF MY FRIENDS WERE THERE is one of dizzying excitement, something so hard to capture that sent us right back to our childhood birthday parties. And best of all, there was cake.”

Full $49

70 minutes no interval

Adult Content | Smoke Machine | Strong Language

Directed by

Theatre Works, The Guerrilla Museum & The Melbourne Festival present

All of My Friends Were There

Directed by Marieke Hardy

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