Our History

40 years of theatre works

Since its founding in 1980, Theatre Works has seen many different iterations, all the while maintaining the same spirit of the young troupe of artists who founded this company 40 years ago. Theatre Works’ history is steeped in hard work, built by the aspirations of countless artists and passionate creators as they continue to deliver what can only be recognised as powerful, relevant and vital performances. In 2020, we celebrate and uphold the values that Theatre Works was built on with an exciting, provoking, playful and proud program.


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Plus: Paul Davies’ Theatre Works Chronology, together with public and private domain statements and reports including press releases; Annual Reports; funding submissions, announcements and acquittals; and documents accessed by the author through her membership of the Theatre Works Board 2002-10 and/or kindly provided by past and present staff and Board members of Theatre Works. I have endeavoured to check all facts where possible, any omissions and errors of fact or interpretation are my own.


Alison Richards

Melbourne, January 2019

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