Vanguard Donor Program

Members of the Vanguard Program are courageous, forward thinking people with a passion for new work and creative risk taking.  This dynamic group underpins the activity of Theatre Works and are an intrinsic part of the Theatre Works community.  Their regular support allows us to sustainably provide a platform for hidden voices and silent stories from within our contemporary community, supporting artists that would not normally be seen on our stages. 

With an annual contribution of $100 or more, you will join a growing community of influential and adventurous supporters, championing bold programming and opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds to access the arts.   

Vanguard Members enjoy a personal relationship with Theatre Works and intimate access to our creative development through exclusive events and regular communication. 

Theatre Works has ambitious plans for the future. We welcome your support. 


For more information please contact:

Kirsty Hillhouse
0414 347 335

Thank You to our current Vanguard Members:

Abraham & Helen James Family Foundation

CHAMPION | $2,500+
Michael Nossal & Jo Porter

GUARDIAN | $1,000+
Adam Krongold
Alison Richards
Annie Bourke
Geoffrey Conaghan and Mathew Erbs
Michael Lawrence
Michael Kingston
Roger Hatten
Rosemary Walls
Tim Wildash

ADVOCATE | $500+
Angelo Delsante
Charles Hackman
Debbie Dadon
Dianne Toulson
James McCaughey
Julie and Michael Landvogt
Keith Oderberg
Liz Schell
Loraine Little
Melissa McShane
Nancy Black
Nancy Black
Vic Zbar
Vivienne Halat

Alida Milani
Alison Bell
Alyson Campbell
Andrew Walker
Ann Tonks
Anne Donegan
Anne Gasko
Antony Zajicek
Bryan North
Cath Taylor
Catherine Collins
Catriona Sinclair
Chantal Marks
Christopher Chaundy
Christopher Reed
Claire StonierKipen
David Hanna
Dianne Ellis
Dina Mann
Don King
Dr Anne Marshall
Edwina Wren
Eleanor Mackie
Elizabeth Luscombe
Fiona Mahony
Fiona Patten
Fiona Menzies
Gail Veal
Graeme Robinson
Greg Day
Gregory and Alice Erdstein Foulcher
Holly Austin
Houston Ash
Imogen Sturni
Isla Carboon
Jaklene Vukasinovic
Jane Cameron
Jane Kent
Jason Craig
Jenny Ryssenbeek
Jeremy Press
Jesse Gerner
Jessica Luu
Joanna Baevski
Joanne Woods
Joanne Holo
Johanna Verberne
John Corkish
John Allen
John Betts
Josephine Daly
Julia Butler
Julian DibleyHall
julie copeland
Karen Cosson
Kate Foord
Kaylene ONeill
Kim Ho
Kristine Whorlow AM

Leonie Dodds
Lester Johnson
Linda Herd
Linda Thompson
Louise odwyer
Lyall Brooks
Lynne Burgess
Maja Amanita
Marian anderson
Marina farnan
Matylda Jaworski
Megan Zerafa
Melanie Etchell
Meredith Sussex
Merryn Anstee
Michael Pearce
michael lidiker
Michael Smith
Michael Anthony Lee
Michele Lee
Ness Harwood
Nicole Beyer
Olivia Satchell
Peta Murray
Peta Downes
Peter Tedford
Peter Spitzkowsky
Peter Winspur
Phil Haeusler
Richard Watts
Richard Zimmermann
rino del zoppo
Robert Buckingham
Rodney Charls
Roger Hodgman
Ros Willett
Rosaria Forlano
Rose Capp
Roslyn Varley
Scott Tunaley
Serge Thomann
Snowe Li
Steve Brown
Sylvia Voigt
Tanya Gerstle
Thomas Wright
Tom Gutteridge
Tony Ayres
Tricia Wheelahan
Turi Hollis
Vanessa ONeill
Wendy Lasica
Zoltan Kiss

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