Writer Wednesday – Vivian Nguyen

For this week’s Writer Wednesday we caught up with She Writes associate Vivian Nguyen to talk about her writing and her experience at Theatre Works so far! ??

How would you describe your writing?

“My writing is an intimate exploration of aspects of myself that have impacted my life growing up, and the details of my life that I hope can empower others to feel seen and heard. Intimate details of what it is to be young, Asian, Vietnamese, Female and from a working-class background.

It’s preparing a boat to ready itself to set sail and find treasure. Preparing everything you can for the journey, gathering the clues and ripping your hair out trying to make sense of it all. Once you’re off on your journey, it’s free fall from there and you follow the clues until you stumble onto something entirely different and you start to wonder what’s the point of life.”

What are you working on right now?

“I’m currently waiting to go into development for my play, ‘Thin Threads’ which is a drama play about a Vietnamese single mother who struggles to raise her two teenage daughters while fulfilling her obligations to family back in Vietnam. Very excited to hear it for the first time! While waiting, I’ve been teasing out drafts for another play about a certain Asian politician if she decided to become Prime Minister of Australia, and another one about a young wannabe Cowboy who goes to the farm and discovers the realities of rural life. Plenty of things happening when you’re stuck at home!”

What have you gained from the She Write experience?

“The experience has been inspiring and creatively invigorating to be a part of, especially being able to connect with the collective and share our ideas when we have the opportunity to be together. It’s been great to engage creatively and also be able to sit back and learn from professional female rockstars in the industry. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to grow as a writer and to have Theatre Works be able to give me a platform to tell stories that mean a lot to me. ”


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