Writer Wednesday – Sarahlouise Younger

For this week’s Writer Wednesday feature, resident writer and Salty Theatre co-director, Sarahlouise Younger, joined us to chat about her musical influences and experience as part of the She Writes collective! ??

How would you describe your writing?

“I would say my writing has no filter and has been described as unapologetic. I am highly influenced by music and my writing merges theatre with story-based composition utilising live contemporary music to underscore the text which is delivered by the main protagonist via slam poetry, rap, melody and scripted dialogue.”

What are you working on right now?

“My debut work “Sweet Gilly Roo” is about a Mixed-Raced woman who has yet to face the reality of her Dad’s death. Written and composed by myself and featuring music by my late Father, Philip Younger (who toured Australia in the 90s as a Country singer/songwriter). The show can be described as a semi-autobiographical piece, performed in the style of Gig-Theatre blending Country Rock, RnB and EDM to tell the story of a grief-stricken persons search for compassion in a society which values functionality so to not face the truth that grief is ultimately inconsolable.”

What have you gained from the She Write experience?

“Support, Confidence and inspiration. Creatives generally are collaborative even when engaging in the rather solitary pursuit of script-writing. Being a part of a collective, having access to masterclasses with established female playwrights and offered services such as dramaturgical support and mentoring has been invaluable.”


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