Writer Wednesday – Maja Amanita

Writer Wednesday is back! ?? This week we speak to Maja Amanita, part of last year’s She is Vigilante writing program and a member of the 2020 She Writes collective.

How would you describe your writing?

“Generally speaking, my writing style is poetic and impressionistic. For the page whether it’s for poetry, prose or spoken word, I tend to write in a highly fashioned stream of consciousness kind of way. With a rhythmic staccato. As Theatre is a new form for me, particularly in long form – my writing style is evolving. Ha! At the moment it’s┬áretaining the blackness, humour, pace and pathos which I like to sustain in my online blogging. Which is what brought me to Theatre Works in the first place.”

What are you working on right now?

“I’m working on my first full length play called “American Influenzer”. It’s about Influencer culture and the way it can eat away at the confidence of women who use social media. It also deals with the naked competition between women who seek to beat other women into submission under the guise of a fake feminism – instead of supporting each other. I have been on both sides of this divide and as someone who’s also been guilty of using catch cries like: Feminism! Patriarchy! Karen! Cancel! and other cultural touchpoints … I hope my finished play will be nuanced if not completely balanced.

I am also curating a poetry book from scribblings off my instagram blog: this.fresh.hell
As well as collaborating with writers and artists around on Australia on some upcoming installation literary compositions.”

What have you gained from the She Writes experience?

“She Writes has been great in introducing me to other female emerging playwrights. It’s been invaluable as far as seeing the different methods and structures that people use to create dynamic feminist material. Some of my best laughs this year have been during the readings of some of the ladies plays as part of this program. The support offered by Diane, Briony, Erin and the team has been invaluable. I hope this program continues to shine a light for emerging women in the future as it gave me a new way to see myself: not “just” as a insta poet or a beatnik spoken word artist – but a real artist. A real playwright.”


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