Writer Wednesday – Lauren Anderson & Meegan May

This week’s Writer Wednesday features the dynamic wring duo; Lauren Anderson and Meegan May! ?? Part of the She is Vigilante program in 2019, we’re excited to be working together with Lauren and Meegan again in 2020 to support their new play through She Writes.

How would you describe your writing?

“We tend to be drawn to high concept comedy and sci-fi with queer themes. We aren’t afraid to be silly or commercial, and try to pack our work full of heart!”

What are you working on right now?

“Our play is called THE COUNTDOWN and it’s a family dramedy focusing on a mother/daughter relationship as the mother becomes determined to throw a New Year’s Eve party during the 2019 bushfire season. As the fire and New Year’s hit, the two have a massive argument and the play then takes a post-apocalyptic turn. They are forced to make up and heal their relationship in order to battle a monster and save their community. It is (very loosely) inspired by some of what Lauren’s parents experienced in their fire effected region of Shoalhaven, and we’ve been lucky enough to be supported by Creative Victoria to complete the first draft as part of She Writes.”

What have you gained from the She Write experience?

“Aside from the connections to some incredible writers and theatre makers, as screenwriters we’ve been given an invaluable crash course in playwriting and the theatre industry from some of Australia’s top talent. It’s been an incredible inspiration for us creatively and has also provided some structure to our practice – much needed in such a tumultuous time.”


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