Writer Wednesday – India Alessandra

This Writer Wednesday, India Alessandra tells us about the evolution of her writing, her new sci-fi work-in-development and what she’s learned from the She Writes Collective! 📃🖊

How would you describe your writing?

“A work in progress. My work continues to evolve in both craft and themes as I continue to explore and play. I tend to follow the story wherever it takes me. In the past it’s been teen drama, autobiographical monologues and transmedial pieces. Now it’s science fiction, surrealism, and boogieing babies. I want to my work to intrigue, amuse and interrogate my audience in their thinking.”

What are you working on right now?

“I’m currently working as a freelance content writer and developing my commercial client base. Creatively, I am working on a science fiction surrealist play called SUSPENSION.

SUSPENSION is a story about sacrifice, the Greater Good and ideas governed by influence. Nia, a young biologist, is forced to examine her world of echo chambers and Oceans of bodiless consciousness when she is trapped in isolation with notorious rebel leader Max.

As I explore the conception and spread of patterns in thinking, I am haunted by the words of cryonics pioneer, Robert E Ettinger: “Many people cannot be comfortable with uncertainty. They would rather live with a lie, they would rather accept authority. But the mark of maturity is serenity in the face of uncertainty.”

I want to ask my audience – what is a greater good than the Greater Good?”

What have you gained from the She Writes experience?

“A supportive network of female and non-binary playwrights. I’m continuously humbled and inspired by my fellow writers and the work they create. The She Writes residency has challenged me to grow as a writer and provided an excellent foundation in playwriting.”


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