Writer Wednesday – Erin Pattison

This Writer Wednesday we caught up with Erin Pattison, part of the She Writes collective, the Theatre Works Front of House team and one third of Flesh Coloured Panties Productions! ??

How would you describe your writing?

“I’d describe my writing as poetic trash. I love using big glorious words and rambling romantic phrasing to talk about things that are trashy and not exactly ‘cool’, things that are often viewed as ‘basic’ (which I believe is just code for feminine and we all need to get over using that word to describe things that are objectively delightful and enjoyable). This is why I love musicals, in the world of a musical you’re allowed to wax poetic on what Barre Body classes means to the women who do them, or how as queer women we love a good carabineer of keys on a belt loop. Just normal things put through a lens of grandeur and romance.”

What are you working on right now?

“At the moment I’m working on the book for two new musicals, The first one is the next show being created by the indie company that me and two of my mates founded called ‘Flesh Coloured Panties Productions’. That show is called ‘Girls Are Hot’ and is a queer musical about an incredibly high femme bisexual woman navigating her first visibly queer relationship, it’s a bit of an extension of some of the themes and concepts from our cabaret ‘Baby Bi Bi Bi’ that we toured around a lot in 2018/2019, but with narrative and character added to the mix to sweeten the deal.

“But primarily at the moment I’m working on a project that I still can’t think of a good enough name for, but it’s a musical all about the cutthroat world of competitive monopoly. So far it’s shaping up to be an incredibly silly and overblown deep dive into competition, vengeance, Caesar’s Palace Casino and what it means to use the rules to your advantage, all covered in a light layer of cherry vape smoke and a backing track of reddit sub threads and the reminder that utilities aren’t worth shit.”

What have you gained from the She Write experience?

“Aside from the practical things that She Writes has given me, (the masterclasses, industry Q&A’s and the community of other writers), the biggest thing I’m thankful for is that it’s kept me moving towards something during the pandemic. The program had to do a huge gear shift of course, moving entirely online, but I’m so thankful that Di and the TW team fought to keep it live at all and not add it to the list of other deferred or lost opportunities that I’m looking down the barrel of for this year. It’s been one of the few tangible opportunities that I’ve been able to hold onto in a meaningful way and even though I’ve by no means been my most productive at the moment, moving slowly towards something exciting has stopped me from coming to a screeching halt altogether. So what I’ve gained is a life line back to my working, creative self, something to hold onto and hopefully give me a kick up the arse and a jumping off point for when things get precedented again.”


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