Writer Wednesday – Bumpy Favell

Writer Wednesday’s back, and this week we chatted with She Writes Associate Artist, Bumpy Favell about her past, her work and her time with Theatre Works. ??

How would you describe your writing?

I won some writing competitions and wrote children’s book reviews for the local paper as a kid, and I have worked consistently as a freelance proof-reader and editor since my early 20s. But instead of becoming the fantastic fiction writer my mum wanted me to be, I branched off into poetry readings, song writing and playing in bands – and producing queer showbiz in Sydney, London and Melbourne. Then a few years ago, when I did a writing course I discovered I actually like to construct a plot and I love inventing characters and imagining their conversations. These parallel worlds swirling around in my head have been helpful lately. All I can hope is that anything I produce is entertaining, whilst exploring things like environmental destruction and sexual abuse.

What are you working on right now?

I’m working on the first play I wrote but have never shared before, which is in a workplace setting – a BDSM parlour. It explores the relationships between the workers on a hot day, when not a lot of clients are coming in.

What have you gained from the She Writes experience?

So many insights… The regular meetups with She Writes have been a haven of interest and encouragement during this COVID isolation. Each guest has been illuminating – all very intense and generous with their ideas and knowledge. The Theatre Works organisers have been fabulous – thorough, thoughtful and caring about us writers and dramaturgs. I am loving hearing everyone’s work, what a treat! It’s an honour to be part of She Writes and Theatre Works. Thanks everyone.


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