Fringe Festival Hub Program

Past Events

The Judgement of Helen

by Harry Cripps


by Diane Seymour


by Kate Herbert

Auntie Klava's Kiss

by Venedikt Erofeev

Spin Out

Binned and Flush

by Penelope Bartlau, Dina Ross

Live in a Jam Jar

In Bound and Aoroi

Crisis and Rhapsody

A Cup Of Tea With Aunty Marge


A rapid FIRE showcase of new theatre works

A special event this Melbourne Fringe, Quickies invites you to read through an excerpt from a script or a play that you are writing, or to show something from work in development. Quickies is an open event to artists, writers, wordsmiths, choreographers, and theatre-makers.


To stand on a rope you don’t balance yourself over it – you pull the rope underneath you. You don’t find your balance, you fight for it, continuously. Kilter is circus on the knife-edge of equilibrium featuring never before seen apparatus, award-winning acrobatics and live music performed by Melbourne’s violinist beatsmith, ORCHA.

The Five Elements

Created and Performed by Co-tempORaRY

Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth, known as Wuxing, are the basic elements making up how the Chinese traditionally understand the world. What happens when the traditional belief of Wuxing meets contemporary dance?

Ross & Rachel

Written by James Fritz
Presented by Spinning Plates, in association with North of Eight

A two person dialogue performed by one, Ross & Rachel picks up ten years after the TV show
ends, delving inside a marriage and pulling out its remnants to answer the question: what happens after the end, after you find “The One”?

Our Carnal Hearts

By Rachel Mars
Music by Louise Mothersole
Supported by the British Council

With a raucous chorus of original music by Louise Mothersole, award-winning theatre maker Rachel Mars and four belting female singers bring you a gleeful, dark show about the hidden workings of envy. Part symphony, part exorcism, Our Carnal Hearts is a thrilling and murky celebration of desire, competition and all the times we screw each other over.


By Rough Conduct Theatre Company

Step into the pit with Rough Conduct, an immersive world of visual and physical performance that interrogates how we tend to our personal baggage, and questions the burdens we claim to bare.

One Punch Wonder

By Amanda Crewes

How much damage does one punch really do? “One Punch Wonder” pulls up the page and puts the culture of toxic masculinity under a microscope, looking into the cowards punch from all angles, it asks us: How are we raising our boys?


By Dramatic Pause Theatre Company

Not every hero gets a song or the cheers of the crowd–or even acknowledgement. An exploration into the minds of five very different young people, Warriors asks the question, ‘what are you willing to sacrifice for the sake of another?’


By Sheree Stewart

Pilepileta encapsulates the resilience of the human spirit in a poignant, painful yet powerfully beautiful show.

Giving voice to the silenced and hope for those who walk with nothing, Pilepileta demonstrates how even with odds stacked against you, with a few friends, and the Creator Eagle Bunjil, anything is possible


By Citizen Theatre

‘Ascent’ tells the story of a woman who improves herself to death. In her quest to feel forever fresh and live up others’ and her own expectations of how she ought to be, she undergoes a series of physical transformations, ranging from haircuts to facelifts, and more invasive procedures. Reaching for her ideal self, she ascends into oblivion.

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