TW Talks Tuesday: An Interview with Sean and Hollie Bryan

This week, Sean and Hollie Bryan of Brymore Productions are joining us from outer space in another episode of TW Talks, detailing the origins of Brymore Productions and their inspirations and creative processes for Out There!

Originally slated for a season in June 2020, Out There will premiere at Theatre Works in 2021.

Read our transcript of their wonderful video here.

The video opens with Sean in ground control of a space station. Hollie is in outer space.

S: Okay, Ground control to Hollie

Can you see me?

H: Hello!

S: Hello!

H: How are you you doing?

S: Good thank you.

How are you going up there?

H: Oh it’s really good. We’re getting a lot of good work done, are we still doing the show?

S: No, unfortunately not just yet. So you’re gonna have to be out there a little bit longer but what Theatre Works have done is they’ve sent us through some questions they thought we could answer because they thought the people at home might like to watch that before they can get a chance to see the show. H: Awesome! Shall we begin.

Tell us a bit about yourselves

H: Okay so my name is Hollie and the other person on this call is Sean. We are Brymore Productions. We weren’t always actors. Sean used to be a producer and I used to be a stage manager and serendipity brought us together and now we make interactive and exciting theatre for families.

Tell us more about Brymore Productions

S: Brymore Productions is basically Hollie and I. Or at it has been until now. We have been  creating engaging and interactive theatre for young audiences since 2015. What’s really exciting about what we do is every time we go on stage it’s a completely new experience. We work in a semi improvised style, which means although we might have a rough structural plot, the details of whats going to happen in each performance can really change depending on audience suggestions, or directions we get from them, or wacky ideas or random things that happen in the moment. Its a really exciting way to make theatre and it results in a different performance every time.

What is Out There?

H: Out There is a space adventure. It’s about a rocket ship pilot who crash lands on an unknown planet and everything goes a bit wrong, so I need the audience back at mission control to help save the day. It’s a mashup between black light puppetry, and a video game, and a choose your own adventure book and a roller coaster.  It’s a wild ride and it’s fantastic.

What inspired this work?

S: I feel like our inspirations for Out There are very similar to our inspirations for all our shows.  We start and we create something thinking very visually about what is going to be like.  So we will look into a lot of visual reference material and things. So for this show there’s a lot of 1960 sci-fi, there’s like high fashion catwalk ideas, there’s neon and blacklight puppetry, and odd creatures that Jim Henson’s created. At the same time things like roller coasters and computer games and that kind of interactivity that we can bring to the stage.

What can audiences expect?

H: We want for families to have a great time with us in the theatre and have had fun together. We want children to know that their creative ideas are so important and so great and that they’re also completely valid no matter how wild they are.

What have you been doing in lockdown?

S: Back at the start of lockdown we held a digital  children’s theatre festival which featured about 19 acts from all around the world. They all did their little sketches and skits and acts for us and it was really cool. You can still actually watch it! It’s on our Facebook page so if you need to spend an hour doing something fun go have a look at that. What else have we been doing? We’ve been writing a new show. I can’t talk too much about that yet and I’ve been learning how to solve a rubik’s cube.

Find out more about Brymore Productions here!

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