TW Talks Tuesday: An Interview With Jennifer Vuletic

Little Ones Theatre open next week with their second play of their Oscar Wilde trilogyThe Nightingale and the Rose, where a young nightingale attempts to help two young people fall in love with heartbreaking results. Performing the role of the nightingale will be Jennifer Vuletic, who returns to work with Little Ones Theatre after her Green Room Award winning performance in Merciless Gods last year.

Vuletic is thrilled to be reuniting with the Little Ones Theatre family, including fellow Merciless Gods cast member Brigid Gallacher.

JV: What’s not to love about Little Ones? I think this band of creatives – Stephen Nicolazzo, Katie Sfetkidis, Eugyeene Teh, Daniel Nixon – breathe the same rarefied air and their hearts beat to some extraordinary rhythm that is not to be found in any other group of creatives I’ve worked with. And in this project I get to be in the same room with Stephen and Brigid again, together with Yuchen Wang!

Vuletic has taken on a very careful and considered approach to her portrayal of the Nightingale, a symbol of both love and death, in this adaptation and in how she brings this role to life.

JV: She’s a creature both avian and human, and I think the way in has been to really try to discover her drive, her compulsion, what makes her heart swell.

While there is sadness and tragedy to be experienced in The Nightingale and the Rose, this has fortunately not dampened Vuletic’s belief in happy endings.

JV: I believe in true love, as I believe in true loss. Love is so strange and multiform and heartbreaking and wonderful. It is to be sought. It is to be embraced. It is to court sorrow.


Read more about The Nightingale and The Rose here.

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