TW Talks Tuesday: An Interview With Brigid Gallacher

In this TW Talks Tuesday interview with the cast of Little Ones Theatre’s upcoming production of Oscar Wilde’s classic story, The Nightingale and The Rose, we speak with Brigid Gallacher. Gallacher has previously worked with the company on a number of their shows, most recently in the Green Room Award winning Merciless Gods last year.

BG: This is my fourth show with Little Ones Theatre and I absolutely love working with them. The whole team is top notch and there is such incredible talent present. There is a creative harmony between Stephen, Eugyeene, Katie and Dan that I’ve not come across before. Also, Stephen always asks me to play roles that no one else would think to cast me in which has changed my life.

For The Nightingale and The Rose, Gallacher takes on the role of the Student, who is in love with the Professor’s Daughter. A nightingale overhears the Student’s cries and so goes on a quest to find a red rose to unite the two lovers.

BG: I was drawn to the role of playing a logic driven intellectual who falls in love with the idea of someone. I think it’s something we can all, in some way, relate to but the playing of it is deceivingly difficult. Having said that, I love a good challenge!

Being an adaptation of Wilde’s work, the rehearsal process has also been a challenge for Gallacher and the team, but one that’s been met head on.

BG: Because we are devising the work as we rehearse, the process has not been your traditional approach. We have a story structure in place and have mostly been improvising within those guidelines. Everyone has a voice in a process like this, so we are all contributing to and discussing the entire show every day.

And while the ending of The Nightingale and The Rose might not be the most uplifting one, it hasn’t dampened Gallacher’s belief in true love.

BG: Yes, I’m a true love believer. For better or worse, I’m a hopeless/hopeful romantic.


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