Theatre Works’ Silent Auction Online Fundraiser

Theatre Works is a cultural icon of the Australian arts industry. Renowned as a hotbed of creative revolution, it is one of the longest running theatre companies in Australia, attracting national and international audiences to its home in St Kilda.

For nearly 40 years, TW has been a national incubator of high-quality Australian theatre. Providing a vital platform for hidden voices and unheard stories from our contemporary community. We provide a creative hub for independent artists exploring unique perspectives and creative approaches that inspire, entertain and provoke ongoing conversations that shape our society.

Independent artists are the life-blood of the performing arts industry, driving innovation and shaping the future landscape of the arts. Our intimate theatre is the perfect place for experimentation, supporting ground breaking new works. This year we will support over 300 artists through productions and creative  development programs. We are passionately committed to enabling artists to achieve their creative ambitions, bridging the gap in the industry between emerging and mainstream platforms.

We can’t do it without your support. It takes so much more that a great idea to make extraordinary theatre. Your support, can make a huge difference to what we do.


Read more about the Silent Auction here.

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