Theatre Works’ 2019 Annual Report

You didn’t forget we had a date tonight? Did you?

Grab your wine [or an appropriate beverage] get comfortable and let’s get started.

I wanted to connect with you directly to share some more good news. We have thrown out the rule book, lost the road map and pretty much gone rogue. We are no longer on a path to recovery… more like a highway to the future.

We made a conscious decision to not hammer you on the head with a hard-sell EOFY campaign this year, we know you have been inundated. Of course, we have included a smattering of info below, but it’s only a light pull on the heart strings – just in case you missed our previous low-key tap on the shoulder.

But, I digress, this is not date talk.

When I swiped left and we first found each other, I forgot to let you know it’s not just me you’re in this with… I come with baggage. But it’s seriously tough, independent, and ambitious so it’s worth the commitment I promise.

I do also want to say it is not the size that matters… It’s what you do with it.

And to prove my point I wrote you a love letter and you must read it... It tells you where we’ve been together, and gives you a glimpse of our future. And let me tell you, it is beyond exciting.

As far as first dates go… I think we are onto something. So let’s plan for another catch up and see where this goes?

Until then, with love,

Dianne Toulson, General Manager
Theatre Works

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