Theatre Works’ 2018 Season

For 38 years, Theatre  Works has boasted some of the most innovative and radical thinking  independent artists in Australia. Our St Kilda Parish has been a place where  talented home-grown and national theatre practitioners come to hone their  craft, stage their ideas and bring their voices and bold new visions to life.

In our fractured political and social landscape, the  arts are more important than ever. Theatre Works’ 2018 season presents a  series of backdrops that responds to global fear and uncertainty and the  desire for meaning and justice. These shows put a spotlight on the strange  and unfamiliar, creating a conversation that is necessary and now.

In 2018, we salute the new wave of creative talent  lighting up our city while presenting some of our most seasoned veterans.  Brave, beautiful and brilliant, they’re the future directors, industry  innovators, and stars of our stage. In 2018 we present:


As part of  Theatre Works’ continual evolution, we give you access to these incredible  minds and take you beyond the conventional theatre experience with our extra  umbrella events, the Conversation Series and our sell-out Masterclasses.

On behalf of the Theatre Works team and our resident  artists we invite you to immerse yourself in Theatre Works 2018 season and take your part in the centre of the theatrical conversation.

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