The Hatch Lab Applications Open!

Let’s face it. Life happens. You’ve been sitting on an awesome idea for a new musical, but you just haven’t taken that next step. Whether your brilliance is sitting in an old notebook from 2015, or it’s in colour-coded folders on your laptop, we want to hear about it. Whether it’s fully written or only gleams of awesome, bring it on. Though, you should probably take that notebook and give the gold inside some digital pizazz. It’s easier for us to read that way.

The Hatch Lab is a brand new Musical Theatre Residency Program conceived by Salty Theatre, partnering with Theatre Works. It was created to assist Australian artists in their development of new musicals. That’s where you come in.

We want to help you make Musical Theatre Gold. No biggie.



The Hatch Lab offers an individual writer/composer or writer/composer duo a professional 12-month residency to work alongside the creative team at Salty Theatre with the support of Theatre Works, to workshop and develop the Resident’s musical. 

Our Lab harkens back to the old school formula of new musical development where the Resident(s) works with creatives not only in meetings and writing rooms for written development, but also through rehearsals and on the floor with a director, actors and a musical director and composer to workshop both the script and score.

Over the course of the 12 month period, the Resident(s) will attend a number of table meetings (via Zoom where necessary, we can get down with the virtual meetings!), and participate in workshop/development sessions that will be put on the floor with the Salty creative team, guest artists and actors providing their talents and feedback. We work with you to hone, clean, tweak and give your musical the love it deserves.

We’re also very excited to announce that our Resident(s) will also have the incredible opportunity to have one-on-one mentoring sessions with renowned industry professionals in writing, composition and in musical theatre development both from Australia and overseas.

Mentors include Michael Rubinoff (Olivier Award Winner, Tony Award Nominee; Producer and Concept Creator of Come From Away, Founder of the Canadian Music Theatre Project), Dean Bryant (Helpmann, Greenroom and Sydney Theatre Award Winner; Dir. Kiss of the Spider Woman, MTC; Writer. Prodigal, Off-Broadway), Ashley Clapp (Dorothy Ellen Ransom Prize of Musical Composition; MD. My Brilliant Career), Lee Hart (Movement Dir. Ghost Ship; Dir. Half Girl, Theatre Royal), Michele Lee (Australian Writers’ Guild stage Drama Award, Victorian Premier’s Literary Award; Writer. Going Down, Malthouse; Rice, PlayLab Theatre), Megan Phillips and Peter Cavell (Best of Fringe, Ed Mirvish Award; People Suck, Toronto, Salty Theatre/Theatre Works; The Anxiety Show, The Pirate Queen of the Stars) and Scott White (Dora Nominee, Canadian Comedy Award Nominee; Composer. Top Gun! The Musical, Salty Theatre, Canada, US; The Giant’s Garden, Canada).

In the final quarter of the residency, the musical will have a fully rehearsed and staged production as part of the Theatre Works 2021 season.

We can’t wait to work with you in The Hatch Lab!

Submissions are now open and will remain so until Monday, June 21st at 11:59PM AEST


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