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Theatre Works PresentS


with Kim Farrant

9th - 11th July 2022


New dates - More spots available.


Theatre Works is delighted to present the powerful masterclass for actors by acting coach Kim Farrant.


Acclaimed director Kim is back in Australia in between directing films to teach her RAW TRUTH IN PERFORMANCE masterclass in Melbourne.


Kim’s latest psychological thriller THE WEEKEND AWAY (starring Leighton Meester and Ziad Bakri) streamed recently on Netflix as was the number 1 streamed film worldwide on Netflix for its first ten days. Kim’s other films include STRANGERLAND (Sundance Grand Jury prize nominee) starring Nicole Kidman, Joseph Fiennes and Hugo Weaving, and her psychological thriller ANGLE OF MINE with Noomi Rapace, Yvonne Strahovski, Luke Evans and Richard Roxburgh. Kim has also directed television in Australia (Rush) as well as making multiple award winning short films and feature length and half hour documentaries.


Truth in performance is what makes a performance stab you in the heart, blindside you or expand your mind beyond its limitations. Raw truth is an actors greatest pursuit.


Scene Work. Detailed Script Analysis; How to give greater meaning and visceral relationships to Objects; People, Places, Issues, Events and Time Frames; How to find the Subtext in a scene and differentiate with Inner Monologue; Unique Effective Tools on how to move through historical emotional blocks that prevent you from accessing all of your emotional and physical instrument in service of character and; techniques to further find the depth and breadth, and masculine and feminine qualities in your characters. How to embody a character from a place of truth and safety.

Max 12 participants. Max 12 auditors.


Due Date for Applications: 4pm Friday 24th June


OPEN TO ALL ACTORS with either industry experience or professional training.


Here’s what our literary manager has to say of her experience auditing Kim’s class:


“Auditing Kim’s RAW TRUTH masterclass several years ago singularly advanced my artistic process in just 2 days. It had a profound impact on how I see myself as a person, as an artist and how I practice both daily. I still refer to the work today and cannot recommend this masterclass highly enough for professional theatre artists.”
Briony Dunn, Literary Manager, Theatre Works


Actors need to submit a completed application form, a showreel link (or self-tape of a scene), headshot and bio. From this information Kim will select who is eligible for the class. Auditors need to submit a completed application form, a headshot and bio. A brief interview will be conducted over the phone for any actor or auditor who has not worked with Kim before. These interviews will be with with the Theatre Works literary manager handling submissions, Briony Dunn.


Questions? Contact Briony Dunn via and put in subject field RAW TRUTH.


For Actors participating: $1200+gst for three days.


Would you like to Audit this masterclass?
Simply apply through the same application form as actors (no need for showreel or tape).
The fee for being an auditor observing the masterclass is:
$300+gst for 3 days.


Upon acceptance into the masterclass, participants will receive an invoice showing how to pay their deposit to secure their place.


Fill out the online form and submit.
Course application due 4pm Friday 24th June. (NO late applications will be accepted). Successful applicants will be notified by 5pm Saturday 25th June via an email from Theatre Works.


FULL PAYMENT due by 5pm Monday 27th June. NO part payments. NO extensions.
Scenes will be allocated after payment received. Upon payment you will receive further information such as your scene, scene partner and exercises for your prep. You must rehearse with your scene partner 4 times prior to the commencement of the masterclass.


PLEASE NOTE this masterclass is not held at the Theatre Works venue.


The Living Centre
16 Trinity Place
East Melbourne


Saturday 9th July 9am-6pm
Sunday 10th July 9am-6pm
Monday 11th July 9am-9pm

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