Wanna laugh-cry at the absurdity of the world we live in? Me too!

During these strange pandemic times, we aim for a new poetry of the voice and body that will smash assumptions about the way we see ourselves. We’re Probably Really Really Happy Right Now, written by actor/writer Ellen Grimshaw, is a highly original play that defies categorisation. This high octane premiere production rips apart the madness of a culture soaked in ludicrous toxicities ranging from Tall Poppy Syndrome to misogyny, and violence to destructive power dynamics. Seven of Melbourne’s finest actors, under talented Sarah Vickery’s confident direction, play multiple personas that just want to be free to express themselves – only no one gives a shit. What do you have to say right now to be heard? What do you have to do to be seen?

Inspired by personal experience, performance art, Commedia Dell’arte and experimental dance choreography, We’re Probably Really Really Happy Right Now liberates from gender binaries, social compliance, and self-restraint; an incendiary reaction to absurd notions of happiness and conformity. Oh, and it’s oh so very out of order…

A hilarious, satirical, wildly ambitious piece of postmodern theatre, as part of Theatre Works 2021 season that is not to be missed!

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