WEAPON OF CHOICE is an original black comedy/murder mystery based on the characters from everyone’s favourite mystery board game. The characters, who are on a retreat seeking counselling, will spiral out of control, as their world comes crashing down overnight. We explore the imperfections that come with being human as the audience is exposed to an alternative perception of humanity.

The play explores the psychological nightmare that ensues when sexual addiction, depression, kleptomania, alcoholism, obsessive compulsivity and anger management issues are combined. The retreat run by an infamous doctor of psychology plays host to a zany group of six who are pushed to their limits after the doctor is mysteriously murdered. Trapped inside the mansion, the characters grapple with the knowledge that one of them is a murderer. We see the events unfold through the investigations of the cop who has arrived late on the scene only to discover tragedy.

This unique original piece mixes humor with an unusual take on the extremities of social values, exposing raw human emotion on every level.

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